About us

CAMPCRAFT – Camping equipment and outdoor gear delivered to your door

Our free time is precious, so here at CAMPCRAFT we believe that you should spend as much of it doing what you want to do rather than what you have to do. 

Getting outside and enjoying your favourite activities is much more fun than battling car parks and wandering from store to store to find the equipment you need to do them.  At CAMPCRAFT you can shop securely 24/7 whenever and wherever is convenient for you and we’ll deliver your order to you.  No trading hours, no weekends spent in the shops rather than the outdoors, just convenience.

How did CAMPCRAFT come about?

CAMPCRAFT has come from the experience of two people working long hours trying to enjoy the activities that they love – camping and touring.  A decade ago and half a world away, we were in the UK working different hours from each other and trying to find the camping equipment to kit ourselves out for a European road trip.  When we finally hit the road, we were sat outside our tent discussing how we’d rather spend the little time we had outside our jobs actually camping and exploring than trying to get the outdoor gear we needed.  This was the seed that grew into CAMPCRAFT. 

couple outside a tent next to a sports car

A serious longing for the sun and the wide open spaces of Africa drove us back to South Africa and we put our idea into action. Now you can spend your precious time doing what you really want to do.

We bring you the quality products that you want and the convenience of online shopping whilst offering you the protection of secure payments and carefully selected delivery partners.

For all the information on using our site, delivery and returns (although we hope you love your purchases and don’t want to send them back), check out our terms and conditions, delivery policy and returns policy. Anything else you need to know? Then head over to our contact us page to find out how you can talk to us