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Climbing is a rewarding pursuit for fun, a reasonable dose of adrenaline and a really good work out. From indoor gym climbing through to trad and sport climbing, bouldering or even mountaineering, you can add a third dimension to your adventures – vertical. Whatever your preferred style or location, you’ll need some gear from helmets, harnesses and shoes through to protection, carabiners, ropes and beyond.

Climbing gear

No matter what your favoured climbing style, there’s one thing you’re sure to need – climbing gear. Our climbing gear section contains all the technical equipment for climbing. Whether you’re looking for technical kit such as carabiners, belay and rope control and protection gear, personal gear like harnesses and climbing shoes, or really useful stuff like chalk and hand care we’ve got you covered.

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When you take your travels to the extreme and trekking meets up with climbing, you get mountaineering. This collection includes the specialized equipment to take on technical, high-altitude and ice bound expeditions. From crampons and ice axes, to packs, cooking solutions, technical tents and the very warmest of sleeping bags.

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Commercial Climbing

Climbing for fun can lead on to climbing for work. Whether you’re working at height, doing group adventure activities or working with climbing walls, our commercial climbing collection is for you. Covering technical safety gear and full body harnesses through to group-friendly one size adjustable harnesses and helmets, this collection covers your needs.

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