Warehouse distribution

Deliveries and Infection Control

Your order from Campcraft is normally delivered to you by The Courier Guy. For both your safety and that of delivery personnel, The Courier Guy has put in place several measures during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Hand sanitiser has been distributed to all The Courier Guy staff and contractors. Masks are distributed, but supply has been limited due to international demand. Washable buffs are being distributed to staff members as an alternative.
  • The Courier Guy depots and kiosks have implemented enhanced sanitation protocols.
  • If you are worried about interacting with delivery personnel and are strictly following social distancing guidelines, then The Courier Guy has implemented a modified delivery process that you can request:
    • On delivery, you are welcome to request that the driver places the delivery & waybill at your door and steps back 2 metres
    • Sign the waybill in full with your own pen and take your delivery inside
    • Close the door, leaving the signed waybill outside which the driver will retrieve