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Outdoors doesn’t always mean wild and outdoor gear isn’t just for camping trips. It could be picnic gear for a day trip, enjoying time in your back garden, a morning run or coping with a power cut – there’s plenty of everyday uses for outdoor equipment at home or in your leisure time. Whether you need a lamp for load shedding, a flask for your coffee, hydration for a weekend bike ride or a gazebo for a backyard braai, we’ve got you covered.


Home and Garden

Let’s face facts, the place where we spend the majority of our down time is at home and in our gardens. Our home and garden collection contains all those things that are useful around the house, on the patio or enjoying time in your back garden. There’s cast iron cookware, patio friendly crockery, torches, hammocks and so much more.

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Days out

If you’re off on a day trip, enjoying a picnic, attending an outdoor event or taking some essentials to a friend’s braai, there’s some kit that will come in handy. Our days out collection has the bases covered from chairs and shelters through to coolers, daypacks, drinkware and beyond.

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We spend a lot of our time travelling to work and back again, so make it as pleasant as possible. Our commuting collection includes flasks and insulated cups for that extra coffee on the go, work and everyday friendly daypacks and other extras to help you out.

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Load Shedding

Electricity, or the lack of it, has become a regular challenge. Whether it’s a power cut, cable theft or the infamous load shedding that’s got you in the dark, our load shedding collection has you covered with battery lamps, head lights, stoves and more to lighten your load.

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Beach and pool

Trips to the beach or days spent by the pool are a fantastic way to spend our free time. Our collection of beach and pool accessories are some handy additions for your day by the water.

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Whether you enjoy going for a run, trips to the gym, cycling or other activities, sports are an important way we keep fit and enjoy ourselves. Our sports collection provides all sorts of extras that’ll come in handy during your active pursuits – from head lights and hydration solutions though to gym friendly kit bags.

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Security is something that we all have to be conscious of. We wish it was different, but it’s good to be prepared. From personal security to reliable torches this collection of security accessories adds peace of mind whether you’re at home or out and about.

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