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Camping and enjoying outdoor activities almost inevitably leads to travel. Whether it’s a holiday road trip, adventures abroad or backpacking round your must-see sights on a shoestring, you’ll need some handy travel accessories and essentials to make travel simple. From essential accessories to handy travel bags to clever ideas for packing light, there’s something for everyone in our travel section.

Travel accessories

From locks for your bags, to wallets and pouches for keeping your cash and essential documents safe, to handy travel gadgets and on to accessories for our junior travellers, our travel accessories section has the extras you need.

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Travel bags and packs

It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend away, a work trip, holiday, road trip or you’re adventuring to far flung places – you’ll need to pack your stuff. This collection of travel friendly packs and bags will have you packed and ready to go from travel packs to wheelie bags, holdalls to rugged and spacious gear cargo bags, carry-on bags to ultra-compact folding day bags.

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Bathroom essentials

When you’re away from home and on the road, it’s still important to keep yourself clean, tidy and presentable. You’ll want your favourite toiletries and your own towel with you, keep them tidy and still have room for your other gear – that’s where our bathroom essentials collection comes in. From neat and tidy toiletry wash bags to compact and lightweight travel towels, you’re good to go.

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Health essentials

It’s better to be prepared when you’re travelling, especially when it comes to your health and safety. Whether you’re looking for first aid kits, mosquito nets or other insect protection, our travel health and safety collection has it covered.

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Sleeping essentials

If you’re travelling on a budget or to far-flung destinations, you might want or need to take your own sleeping gear with you rather than relying on provided linen. This sleeping essentials collection contains comfortable sleeping bag liners, compact sleeping bags and even inflatable pillows for a good night’s sleep.

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